Daily outfit 2/8/2010

Welcome to August!  Finally the last month of winter is here and the days are slowly starting to draw out again.  It is still pretty chilly though.  The last couple of days have been especially wintery in Melbourne, with storms, super winds and chilly temperatures.


I am wearing:

– Grey and Pink fascinator

– Pink and black argyle sweater from Fashion Fair

– Supre pink pencil skirt

– Pink leopard print leggings from Diva

– Amethyst ring

– Black jolly roger ballet flats from Shoe Bizarre

– Gold butterfly ring

– Wheels and Doll Baby “Doll Baby” earrings.


I am so impressed with my hair today.  It was blowing an absolute gale outside today and I returned home after a full day of classes with not a single hair out of place.  Not only that, I cleaned the house this evening and this hairdo is still holding strong.  I am about to dismantle it before I head off to bed.  I got this new Schwartzkopf hairspray and it is working wonders for me.  It is unscented as well, which is a real bonus.  I hate spending the day walking around smelling like an aerosol can.


Today was extremely tiring.  I have set my class schedule up so that I have the bulk of my classes on a Monday.  This is great, because it means that I don’t have many classes thoughout the week so I have plenty of time to get other things done.  However, it does mean that I am going to collapse in a heap every Monday night.

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