Daily outfit: I’m afraid there’s no denyin’ I’m just a dandy-lion.

Today I rugged up and headed into the city for Lush’s Christmas in July VIP shopping party.  Today’s sartorial inspiration comes from the Cowardly Lion.



I am wearing:

– Cherry red jumper from Cotton On

– Black corset belt (gift from Ross)

– Black herringbone tights from KMart

– Black boots with silver trim (thrifted)

– Black and gold shorts (Valley Girl)

– Sheepskin coat (vintage, belonged to my mother in the 70’s)

– Gold pocket watch

– Ruby ring

– Lion ring

– Gold hoop earrings.

Here is a close-up of my ring.

Cute, no?


I let my hair go totally wild this morning, amping up the volume with a squirt of hairspray to give me a fluffy mane.  I used gold and copper eyeshadows and a fairly nude lipgloss.  I tried to give my outfit a slightly military/animalistic look by adding plenty of metal buttons and detailing, sexy tights and of course the fur coat.  I really enjoyed wearing this outfit.


Here are a couple of facts about the Cowardly Lion:

-The original Lion costume weighed 90 pounds.

– Bert Lahr, who played the Lion in the 1939 film, was not allowed to eat or drink while he was in his costume.  He broke this rule daily, and would go to the cafeteria at MGM and eat a full lunch and drink gallons of water.  He would have to get his makeup re-done every afternoon, but he refused to go a whole working day without anything to eat or drink.

– MGM originally wanted to use Leo, the MGM lion, as the Cowardly Lion and dub the voice over the top.  When this was deemed too difficult and too dangerous, Bert Lahr was cast as the Lion.

– In the scene where Dorothy slaps the lion on the nose, Judy Garland could not stop giggling at Burt Lahr’s performance.  George Cukor, the director, took her off set and slapped her, and she then did the scene in one take.  In the film, you can still see her stifling her laughter just after she says the line “My, what a fuss you’re making”.


As I mentioned earlier, I went to the Lush Christmas in July party at their Melbourne Central store.  It was wonderful.  I bought a tonne of new goodies.  They had nibblies, games, and a stack of special edition Christmas products.  I love Lush’s Christmas products and it’s a shame that they only come around one a year, so it was nice to have the chance to stock up again.  If you are in Melbourne, and want to check out the fun, tomorrow the Swanston Street store are having their Christmas in July party.  If you spend over $50 you will get a free gift, and if you spend over $100 you will get another free gift.  They also have plenty of games with prizes, which are loads of fun.  The lovely staff will be more than happy to help you to make your selections, and are always ready to offer a demonstration.  I highly recommend you check it out if you have a chance.


This is what I bought home:


One big Lush bag filled with…

All this!


Here is a list of the products I got:

– Razormantium shaving cream

– Buffy the Backside Slayer body scrub

– Mint Juleps lip scrub (new!)

– Sympathy for the Skin body lotion (gift)

– Dream Cream body lotion

-Angel’s Delight soap (special edition)

– The Olive Branch shower gel (prize for winning a game)

– Satsuma Santa bath ballistic (special edition)

– Snow Fairy shower gel (special edition)

– Eau Roma water toner

– Ceridwens’ Cauldron bath soak (gift)

– Floating Island bath melt (gift)

– Honey I Washed the Kids soap (gift)


A mighty haul!


I spent a while talking to the lovely sales girl about how much I love Lush and what products I like the best.  I got to thinking…I wonder how many Lush products I have in my bathroom cupboard right now?  Here’s a picture:

The answer is: Fuckloads.  After I took this photo I realised that I had forgotten the Brazened Honey face mask in my fridge and the Sexy Boy massage bar in my medicine cabinet.  Oh well.


Hope you have a great weekend!

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