Big shampoo from Lush

One of the products that I received as part of the Lush Big Hair Affair promotion was a pot of Big shampoo. I was a bit dubious about it at first. For one thing, I had never heard of a shampoo containing sea salt, and I was transported back to the hellish days of trying to detangle my hair after a swim at the beach. Also, the shampoo itself more closely resembled porridge than anything else, and I was a little hesitant to rub that goo on my mop.



I have been using my little pot of Big for two weeks now, and I will certainly be running back to Lush for a refill once it dries up. This is truly the best shampoo I have ever come across, for a couple of reasons.



Firstly, after using Big, my hair was cleaner than it has ever been in my life. This shampoo got rid of every last bit of product and made my hair so clean I could scarcely believe it. Because I style my hair so often, I have a big problem with product build up, which makes your hair dull and lifeless, and can also be very drying for long hair. Big got rid of all the build up, dirt and pollutants.



Even better than that, Big got my hair seriously clean without drying it out or stripping my hair of its natural oils, which is what often happens when I use a shampoo designed to get rid of product build up. Once my hair was dry, it was soft and shiny, not brittle and full of static.

Big is excellent for those with finer hair that would like to add a little more bounce to your ‘do. The sea salt helps to add volume to your hair, to give you a mop that looks as swingy and shiny as a supermodel’s.



Finally, Big shampoo smells delicious. It has a lovely citrusy, coconutty scent that will energize your senses first thing in the morning.



Although Big shampoo is a little bit pricy, at $25.95 for 330g, I believe that it is totally worth it. It will get your hair so clean and shiny, with very little effort. Plus, you don’t have to use very much at a time, so a pot should last you for quite a while. I have a tiny little sample pot, and it has lasted me nearly three weeks. To wash shorter hair, I would use a bit about the size of an almond, and on my hair I use about twice that amount. Also, I find that the product doesn’t lather very much, so don’t go overboard with the shampoo trying to work up a lather.



Also, on inspection of the ingredient list, Big shampoo is 100% vegan, and because it is from Lush, you can be assured that it is also cruelty free. Lush also recycle the shampoo pots, so once you’ve run out, take your pot back into the store, so that it can be used again.



I loved the Big shampoo, and I think that it will take a pretty special product to knock it off my bathroom shelf.

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