Daily outfit 19/7/2010

I am wearing:

– Rainbow silk scarf (gifted)

– Black long sleeved top from Cotton On

– Rainbow butterfly kaftan from Target

– Black pants from Target

– Grey suede Tony Bianco boots (thrifted)

– Amethyst ring

– Diamente bracelet (inherited from my great grandmother).


I am sticking with the Cabaret theme today, with my wig, emerald green nail polish and drapey fabrics.  I had a dentists appointment this morning, which was the fastest dental appointment I have ever had.  She pretty much poked around, took a couple of x-rays and I was good to go.  This afternoon I am catching up on some reading and then packing for my magical mystery tour.  For my brithday, Ross has booked a night away somewhere, except I don’t know where we are headed to!  I am so excited.  It should be great, but I have no idea what to pack.

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