Wizard of Oz style

The Wizard of Oz is a timelessly classic film with a very defined style. Each of the characters has a very unique and recognizable way of dressing. Elements of each character’s style can be broken down and built up again into modern outfits for everyday wear. Here is my guide on how to dress in the style of your favourite Wizard of Oz character. The key is not to try and recreate their outfit. You aren’t trying to make a costume. Rather, you want to examine the key elements of the character and use these to build an outfit using items from your own wardrobe.



When dressing as Dorothy, you need to keep everything sweet and feminine. Your clothing should have a ‘little girl’ quality to it. Experiment with full skirts, lace stockings and socks, gingham, straw handbags, ribbons and white blouses. Keep your hair simple and your makeup natural, adding just a little touch of lip stain and blush. Don’t forget to accessorize with a pair of fabulous red shoes.



The scarecrow’s look is scruffy and haphazard. To translate this into everyday wear, try using rough fabrics and deconstructed styles, so that you look slightly undone without looking like a hobo. Utilize denim, flannel and cotton jersey and combine them with a couple of casually ripped items. Clothes should be baggy, but shouldn’t hang off your frame. Leave your hair fairly natural, with just a spray of sea salt spray or texturizing paste to give you hair a slightly scruffy look. Use smoky eye makeup and neutral lips.

Tin Man

To dress like the Tin Man, mix up your wardrobe with futuristic fabrics like lurex and lame and use sequins and glitter to create a shiny finish. Pull your hair up into an elaborate style and glue it in place with plenty of hair spray. Keep your makeup clean, and use silver eye shadow or lip gloss. Paint your nails with silver chrome polish. Accessorize with heart and robot motifs.


Cowardly Lion

The lion’s style is certainly not for the timid. Wear glorious fur (whether real or fake), and experiment with leather, vinyl and corsetry for an animalistic look. Add military-style accessories in burnished gold and copper. Leave your hair wild and stroke on a bronzer to give your face a sexy glow. Finish off the look with a pair of amazing boots.


Glinda the Good Witch.

Glinda’s look is sugar-sweet and ultra feminine. Everything should be pink and sparkly, from the top of your head to the tips of your pearly-shod toes. Wear plenty of pearls and pink sapphires and a dress that is made of satin, tulle or lace. Use a pearly-pink nail polish and lipstick, and wear false eyelashes to give your eyes a little extra flutter. Choose accessories that feature fairies or stars.


The Wicked Witch of the West.

Your outfit should be tight, constricting and above all, black. Use gorgeous corsetry and sexy suspender stockings to create a burlesque feel and top the whole thing off with a pair of the highest heels you can find. Use red nail polish and lipstick and colour your eyelids a daring green. Pile rings onto your fingers and practice cackling at strangers on the street.

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