Daily outfit 15/7/2010

Today, I woke up with a tingle of excitement.  It was set to be a huge day, and I was really looking forward to most of it.  First up I had to go into work for a few hours (O.K, not so fun), but then my Mum and Dad were coming to visit for a short while, and THEN I was heading into the city to have afternoon tea with the gorgeous Violet Lebeaux and the suave Jimmy America!  What a great day, huh?  It was an occasion that called for 60’s Pucci print and seriously big hair.


I am wearing:

– Red, Pucci print dress from Temt

– Ambra blue opaque tights

– Black and silver boots from Savers

– Onyx and mother of pearl earrings (thrifted)

– Black bodysuit from Remember Me

– Black bangle (thrifted)

– Liquorice allsorts ring

– Amethyst ring.


It was a truly fantastic afternoon. I met Violet and James at Theobroma Chocolate Lounge in Melbourne Central.  We wasted no time ordering delectable chocolate drinks.  I slurped my way through a caramel hot chocolate, which was just lovely.  I adore chocolate, but I find that some of the boutique hot chocolates can be a little bit rich, and the caramel gave the drink a lovely toffee flavor and made it a little more palatable.


I was so lovely to catch up with Violet and James.  I adore Violet’s blog and she is even sweeter in person.  We chatted for ages and realised that we have an awful lot in common, which is great.  I had been seriously nervous about meeting Violet, and I really needn’t have worried.


If you haven’t already, you should check out both Violet’s and James’ blogs.


Violet’s blog is a mixture of Hime Gyaru style, exquisite nail art and all things sweet, pretty and feminine.  You can find it here:



James’ blog is an excellent source of accessable, down-to-earth and easy to follow photography information.  Brilliant.  You can visit James here:



I hope that you all had a great day today too!

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