Daily outfit: Something wicked this way comes.

I was feeling a little down in the dumps today, so I decided to take Petula Clarke’s advice and head downtown, or rather, into the city.  I was halfway there when I recieved a text from my mate Sam, asking if I would like to meet up once I arrived.  I was so excited to see her.  Sam is just a little ray of sunshine and has a real talent for cheering people up.


We went to Lush where I purchased a giant bottle of American Cream Conditioner (more about that later) and then out for pancakes.  It was so nice to have some fun girl time.  I highly recommend a girl date when you are feeling a little low.


Anyways, when I woke up this morning I was feeling a little bit bitchy and a little bit witchy.  The following outfit ensued:

I am wearing:

– Black slip dress (thrifted)

– Black long sleeved top from Cotton On

– Pink and black corset from Target

– Pink diamente cross necklace from Diva

– Jade ring

– Love ring

– Amethyst ring

– Black and white striped socks

– Ruby slippers.


These are actually a brand new pair of ruby slippers.  I have another pair of ruby slippers, but they are open toed and are not the most perfect fit.  I saw this pair earlier in the week, and I had to have them. Not only do they fit me like they were custom made, but they look exactly like Dorothy’s slippers (although the heel is a little higher).  I am thinking of selling my old pair, which are still in excellent condition.  If anybody is interested, let me know.


Also, I want to say thankyou to the gentleman who complimented me at the train station this afternoon.  He told me that I had “magnificent attire” and that it was nice to see someone wearing colour when everyone else is wearing grey and black.  This made my day, so thankyou, strange gentleman.

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