Book review: The World According To Garp

I bought a copy of The World According to Garp by John Irving more than a year ago on Ebay, and I have finally gotten around to reading it.  I have never seen the film, and when I began to read, I didn’t even check out the blurb.  I like to begin readng a book without knowing a thing about the plot. so that everything is a surprise as I work my way through the book.


I found this book to be a very engaging read.  The storyline is rather strange, but it is told in an intriguing manner.  The storyline unfolds slowly, gradually introducing little tidbits about each character and gently meandering along with the plot.  Although that sounds a little boring, the pace actually makes it really easy to follow the plot, and you begin to understand the characters slowly, rather than the author introducing them with a huge paragraph at the beginning and then expecting you to understand them instantly.  Every now and then, the plot moves at warp speed, and you feel a little breathless as you rush to keep up.


The book is about Jenny Fields, an unconventional woman and her son Garp.  The story follows the life of Garp from conception to death, with many twists and turns along the way.


I highly recommend this book as an excellent winter read.  It is a little odd, and the story can be a little confronting at times, but overall I really enjoyed reading The World According to Garp.  I am trying to get my hands on a copy of the movie, so that I can make a comparison.


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