How to wear tricky items: leggings

A few people have passed comment to me lately about the number of women wearing leggings in inappropriate or unflattering ways.  I myself have noticed this, and I felt it my duty to address this issue.


Leggings are a valuable addition to any woman’s wardrobe.  They are wonderful for wearing under short skirts and dresses if, like me, you feel a little exposed going bare-legged.  Leggings are great for layering under summery dresses and skirts to give these items extra longevity in the cooler months and are a really fun way to add interest to an otherwise plain outfit.


However, leggings do come with rules:

First and foremost- LEGGINGS DO NOT EQUAL PANTS!  Wearing a pair of leggings is not the same as wearing pants.  You can’t just throw on a pair of leggings in place of your jeans and expect everything to be hunky-dory.  Leggings are skin tight, and leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.  No matter how happy you are with your body, there are some things that are best kept hidden, and the outline of your lady garden is one of them.

When wearing leggings, you should generally adopt the following rule: the garments that you put on top of your leggings should cover your crotch.  Either wear shorts or a skirt over the top, or a long tee-shirt.  Treat leggings in the same way that you would stockings.  You wouldn’t wear a gorgeous pair of stockings, and a blouse and heels to go out to dinner now, would you?  Even though leggings are more opaque than stockings are, they are too revealing to be worn on their own.


Leggings are great for highlighting your gorgeous legs.  They can be worn in a variety of ways and are ideal for layering.


Another important thing to remember when wearing leggings is that, as they are short and tight, your shoes will be on display.  This is the perfect opportunity to wear a really striking pair of shoes.  Even if you don’t want to wear a pair of statement shoes, make sure that the shoes you choose are in good condition and match the rest of your outfit, because a pair of ratty sneakers will stick out like a sore thumb under leggings.


As leggings are so tight, it is a good idea to ensure that the garments you wear on top of your leggings are a little bit loose and billowy.  This will help to balance out the tightness, and will draw more attention to your legs.  If you wear tight tops with leggings, the overall look can give the impression that you’ve just stepped out of an aerobics class


I have put together a few outfits to give you some inspiration for mixing and matching your leggings.

Team your leggings with a cute tunic for a relaxed, bohemian look.  Accessorize with gorgeous rings and a long pendant to lengthen your silhouette.

Wear your leggings with a long cardigan (or grandpa cardi, as my brother calls them) and sneakers for a cute weekend outfit.

You could try teaming a pair of denim leggins with a tough tee shirt and biker boots for an effortlessly punky outfit.
A pair of brightly coloured leggings will look awesome when worn underneath a flambouyant dress.  Add a bunch of punchy accessories for a bit of 80’s flavor.

Leggings and sweater dresses go together like macaroni and cheese.  Team yours with a few well-chosen accessories for a clean, artistic look.






I think that leggings look wonderful when paired with shorts.  It gives your outfit a little bit more warmth, which allows you to carry over your favorite pair of summer shorts into the cooler months.




I tend to prefer to wear leggings or tights underneath very short skirts.  I feel a bit anxious walking around with bare legs under a micro-mini, and a fabulous pair of leggings helps me to feel a bit more confident, as well as adding interest to my ensemble.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and textures, and play around with different looks.  Leggings are an excellent, cheap way to update your wardrobe and expand the number of different looks you can try.  Just remember to keep yoruself adequately covered, and have a blast!

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