Daily outfit 7/7/2010

I am wearing:

– Red long-sleeved top from Yumpop

– Blue and Yellow dress from Grab Denim

– Black ribbed tights

– Yellow button heels (thrifted).

– Black beret from Target

– Harrods London bus bag

– Amethyst ring

– Donald Duck ring

– Rainbow enamel ring

– Silver bangles.


Yesterday, Ross and I had intended to go and see Toy Story 2.  In honour of the second sequel of one of my favorite childhood films, I decided to wear a slightly playroom-esque outfit.  I chose primary colours and plastic accessories, and wore my hair in cute pigtails.  I added dolly-girl style makeup and sweet candy-pink lipstick.  However, Ross has a nasty cold, and he really wasn’t well enough to brave the movie theatre.  Instead, we bought the new Harry Potter Lego game from Playstation 3 and spent the afternoon playing that.  It is a really cool game.  It’s got some really cute graphics and is a funny play on the films.  It’s also not too difficult to play, which is great for video game novices like me.


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