Daily outfit 30/6/2010

I am wearing:

– Grey cable knit tunic from Target

– Black long-sleeved top from Cotton On

– Dark denim jeans from Garfunkle

– Black ballet flats from Pierre Fontaine.

-Amethyst ring.


I am having a bit of a minimalist day today.  I have been using the first few days of my holidays to catch up on a bunch of little jobs that I have been putting off until my exams are finished.  So far, I have gotten some materials books bound, cleaned my house, gotten some bills paid and paperwork in order and bought some presents for my soon-to-arrive second cousin.  I am feeling very productive but also very rested.


I have also come down with a bit of a cold.  My body tends to be able to ward off the nasties until all my exams or assignments are done, and then slaps me with some kind of illness once it’s all over.  I am grateful that I wasn’t sick during the exams, but I feel a little miffed that I have to spend the first few days of my holidays feeling unwell.  Oh well, I guess it could be a lot worse.

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