Daily outfit 26/6/2010: Tank Girl

On Saturday evening, I had a costume party at my house to celebrate my birthday.  I had everybody come as their favourite comic book character.  It was an excellent night.  Everybody came in costume, and we had all types of comic book characters floating around.  We had vampire slayers, geeky photographers and their red-haired girlfriends, stoner detectives and Superman’s favourite lady.  Ross came as Casey Jones from the TMNT comic books, and made me very, very nervous as he hauled around a bag filled with makeshift weapons (which mostly consisted of sporting goods.


I finally got the opportunity to dress as one of my favorite characters of all time…. Tank Girl.



Tank Girl lives in the year 2033, in a post-apocalyptic world where evil reigns and water is all but non-existant.  Tank Girl rides a tank, is accompanied by her good mate Jet Girl and her lover, Booga.  Booga is a Ripper, a new species of half-man-half-kangaroo warriors.


It’s been swell, but the swelling’s gone down.

Feeling a little inadequate?

This is me…Unconscious


I had a really great night, and I want to dress as Tank Girl a lot more often.  Not only is she a total bad-ass, but her style is fantastic and great fun to wear.  I did have a lot of trouble scrubbing off my tatts, and my hair still had a slightly green tinge to it.  Oh well.


A big thankyou to all my friends who showed up and made the night as much fun as it was.

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