Daily outfit 25/6/2010

Today I sat my final exam for the semester.  I felt that I needed to mark the occasion with a special outfit, something decadent and whimsical.  I decided to wear my new fascinator with a Marie-Antionette inspired outfit.


I am wearing:

– New Fascinator from Stylesmith (birthday present from Kath)

– Grey knitted jumper from Supre

– White peasant blouse (as underskirt) from KMart

– Beaded circle skirt (thrifted)

– Black and silver boots (thrifted)

– Silver Pandora bracelet

– Pink beaded chandelier earrings.

– Sapphire ring

– Amethyst ring.


I adored wearing this outfit.  I am sitting here typing this with my hair still swept up in a pompadour because I can’t bring myself to brush it out yet.


All in all, my exam went pretty well.  I felt really good about it as I walked away, which is usually a good sign.


I spent this afternoon with my brother and a good friend.  We went shopping for ingredients so that I could whip up a pile of cupcakes for my belated birthday party tomorrow.  I am so excited.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.  It’s a costume party and I have a brilliant costume planned.  It’s a character I have been waiting ages to dress up as, and I can’t wait to put my outfit on tomorrow night.


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