Daily outfit 21/6/2010

My corporations exam is tomorrow.  Tomorrow!  I can’t belive how quickly that has come around.  I am feeling pretty ready to get it over and done with.  I spent this morning doing last year’s exam, and I felt pretty happy with how it went.


Anyway, here is what I was wearing yesterday.


I am wearing:

– Blue buddha singlet from Fashion Fair

– Red and white striped top from Cotton On

– Red cardigan from Cotton On.

– Light denim jeans from Garfunkle

– Red mary janes from I Love Billy

– Babushka earrings

-Red bangle

– Amethyst ring.


I have come down with a slight cold, so yesterday I was plying myself with home remedies in between bouts of study.  I really don’t feel too bad, but I am hoping to keep the cold at bay at least until my exams are over.  I don’t think it’s going to get any worse though, fingers crossed.


Here is what I am wearing today:

I am wearing:

– Black poncho from Target

– Blue mandala top

– Just Jeans embroidered flares

– 1970’s platform bowling shoes (thrifted)

– Coin bracelet

– Amethyst ring.

-Purple crocheted beanie (thrifted)


Although it might look a little daggy, I adore this poncho.  Wearing a poncho is about the closest you can get to walking around wrapped in a blanket (other than purchasing a snuggie).  It’s deliciously warm and very comfortable.


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