Daily outfit: exam time backlog

I am sorry that there haven’t been many outfit posts lately.  I am coming up to exam-time, so I have been studying hard.  I’m finally getting to the stage where I feel ready to sit the exam, and all the knowledge is beginning to click into place.


I am not the sort of person that can study in a tracksuit or PJs.  I find that if I am dressed sloppily, the only thing that I want to do is lie on the couch, watching Sex and the City and eat ice cream with peanut butter.  I find that getting dressed properly helps wake my brain up and subconsciously tells me that there is work to be done.  I am always much more motivated when I put in a little effort to look nice, even when I’m just going to be spending the day at my desk.




I am wearing:

– Red polka-dot tee shirt from Free Fusion

– Red mini skirt from Supre

– Red cardigan from Red Berry

– Zipper leggings from Rubi

– Red polka dot wedges from Target

– Red sequinned beret from Sportsgirl.

– Red butterfly necklace from Ross.



I am wearing:

– Pink singlet top from Target

– Pink and Black argyle sweater from Fashion Fair

– Black and white polka dot skirt from Target

– Grey wool socks from Sportsgirl (they are socks, even though they look like tights.  They are so bloody long that I can pull them all the way to the top of my thighs, and then fold them over to make them the right length. I know I’m short, but seriously, how long do Sportsgirl think women’s legs are?)

– Black ballet flats from Pierre Fontaine

– Pink and Purple butterfly pendant from Equip



I am wearing:

– Red patterned scarf (thrifted)

– Pucca shirt (thrifted)

– Star stud earrings (gifted)

– Red belt with gold studs (thrifted)

– Dark denim jeans from Lee

– 70’s platform bowling shoes (thrifted)

– Red beaded bracelet (gifted)


I really like my outfit today.  It’s like “Donna Pinciotti meets Rosie the Riveter”.  These jeans are one of my favorite pairs.  Lee make lovely jeans, and these are like a push-up bra for your butt.  No joke.  They are made of strong, stretchy denim that really gives your backside a lift and gives you a lovely silhouette.  They are seriously comfortable too, and you don’t feel as though your insides are slowly being squeezed out.  I don’t wear them very often though because they are a little long.  These shoes are high enough to make them work though.


I hope that you all have a great weekend. I’m going to be glued to my books, and hopefully I will have time to do some cooking.

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