My 24th birthday weekend.

I spent the entire weekend celebrating my birthday with my friends and Ross.  We started off the weekend by heading out to dinner on Saturday night.  I had originally been planning to go to Izakaya Chuji in Lonsdale street, but when I rang up to book they told me that they don’t allow people to book a table of more than five people.  Lame!  So my housemate recommended a different Japanese restaurant called Izakaya Hachibeh.  It’s on Bourke street in the city, and I am so thrilled with it.  It was the perfect place to catch up with friends.  Izakaya Hachibeh have an excellent range of Japanese dishes for very reasonable prices.  I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a fun place to take friends or family for dinner.



This is what I wore out on Saturday night.  It’s a pretty terrible picture because it was taken at about 2am, when Ross realised that we hadn’t taken any pictures at all for the entire evening, and began madly snapping photographs.  I am looking a little worse for wear in this picture, but I’m happy as Larry, so I don’t care.

I am wearing:

– Pearl necklace (as tiara) from my grandmother.

– Velvet blazer from Tree of Life

– Pink and Black corset from Target

– Black peasant skirt from Sass

– Leona Edmonson fishnet tights

– Nine West patent leather heels

– Purple satin handbag (birthday gift from Ross’s parents).

– Blue glass heart pendant from Kath.

– Black gloves from Lincraft

– Pink silk pashmina from Ross.


After dinner we headed to the Shanghai Club for some karaoke. We had the greatest time, belting out all of our favorite songs and laughing at eachothers’ ridiculous song choices.  I think that the top performance of the night was Ross’s rendition of Yellow Submarine.
On Sunday, Ross and I had a super laid-back day.  We slept quite late, got Indian food for lunch and then crashed on the couch to watch a million episodes of Daria.  (For my birthday, Ross bought me the entire series of Daria, with both of the tele-movies.  I officially have the coolest boyfriend ever!).

I am wearing:

– Blue pucci print shirt (thrifted)

– Black mini skirt (Hound Dog)

– Silver spangled tights from Rubi

– Comic book stilettos from Betts

– Pac Man necklace


It was a very lazy day, which is exactly what I needed after the huge night out on Saturday.


Today I was booked in for a makeup lesson at Benefit.  I love a trip to the Benefit counter.  I use so many of their cosmetic products and their staff are usually really friendly and helpful, without being too pushy.  They have loads of great eye products that I haven’t tried yet, so I was keen to give them a whirl.

I am wearing:

-red Free Fusion dress.

– black herringbone tights from Razzamatazz

– Scooter gingham heels

– Teacup ring from One Day in Paradise

– Amythest ring

– Babushka earrings from Diva

-red hair barrettes.


I had an awful time getting dressed this morning.  I was wearing a long-sleeved top under my dress, but it looked too lumpy.  As I was taking it off, I popped a button off my dress.  As I was fixing the button, I chipped my fingernail.  Then, as I was putting on my stockings, my chipped nail snagged the stockings and tore a big hole in them.  As I was taking off my stockings, my earrings broke and I had to fix them.  It was not a good morning.


I did have a lot of fun at my makeup lesson though.  The makeup artist was a lot of fun and showed me loads of new products and a few old ones.  She showed me a really cute smokey eye look.  The only problem was that, even though it was supposed to be a makeup lesson, the artist didn’t actually give me any directions as to what she was doing.  She just applied the makeup and showed me the end result, so it was a little disappointing.  I was also a little peeved, because she didn’t listen to me when I tried to make some suggestions.  For example, there is one type of foundation that Benefit have that I have tried and didn’t like, because it is too dark for my skin tone.  When I told her this, she just tutted and told me that I should try it again.  I walked out of the store with a tangarine-coloured face. She also used a really heavy blusher on me, which I asked her not to do, so now I look a little like an 80’s hooker.  I toned the blush down a little with some powder, but I was a bit miffed that she was so quick to dismiss my suggestions.  I am perfectly happy to try new things, but I don’t like it when there is something I know doesn’t suit me, and I make that clear, and the makeup artist just big fat does it anyway.  Oh well.


I hope you guys all had a great weekend!

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