Experimenting with necklaces

I have been playing around with necklaces a bit lately. I was trawling through my jewellery box and I found a tonne of necklaces that I haven’t worn in ages. Also, I have been flipping through some old fashion magazines which have given me loads of ideas for interesting new ways to wear necklaces. Here are a few ideas that I’ve come up with:


– When it comes to wearing statement jewellery, I have a “necklace or earrings’ rule. I believe that it looks much better if, when wearing a statement necklace, you should go sans earrings or stick to tiny studs or sleepers. On the reverse, if you are wearing a dazzling pair of earrings, you should leave your neck bare. Wearing huge earrings and a chunky necklace makes you look a little top-heavy and can be a bit tacky.


– Layer several necklaces at once. Choose pieces that are in similar metal tones or that have a similar theme. For example, layer a couple of silver chains, some chunky, some fine, or pile on several animal-charm pendants.


– Use your necklace to strategically draw attention to the parts of your body that you love. If you have a graceful, swan-like neck, wear a fine, short chain with a delicate pendant that sits in the hollow of your throat. If you have an amazing bosom, drape a long pendant down your chest, so that it rests in your cleavage.


– To create a long, lean figure, wear a single, long chain that dangles all the way to your waist. It draws the eye downwards, and creates the illusion of length.


– If you want your necklace to really stand out, it should rest on either bare skin or a simple, dark, block colour. If you try to wear a statement necklace on top of a bold print, it will just get lost in the rabble.


– Choose necklaces that have an element of versatility. I own several necklaces that have adjustable clasps so that they can be worn at a variety of lengths. This means that a single necklace can be worn as a choker, a pendant, a long drop necklace or even a belt. One of these I found at a C.W.A market for a whopping twenty cents!


– Let your necklace do the talking. Wear a cute nameplate necklace (very SATC) or a large, blingin’ rapper style block letter necklace.


– Dress up a simple chain by threading a couple of rings onto it. Alternatively, you could thread multiple charms onto the same chain.


– Take one long chain and loop it several times around your neck, so that it drapes at various lengths down your chest.


– Get creative and make your own necklaces. You can get beading equipment and materials at most craft stores, and it takes no time to get started. Janis Joplin used to spend hours making beaded necklaces, because she found it relaxing. Alternatively, you can try using household objects to create your own unique pieces. Why not thread buttons into a string, or make a chain out of safety pins or paper clips?


– Use a necklace as a headband. Pin a small string of pearls into your hair like a tiara, or make a diadem by threading a pendant or charm onto fishing wire and pinning it into your hair, so that the charm hangs over your forehead.



Does anybody else have any suggestions for ways to experiment with necklaces? If so , I would love to hear them.


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