Daily outfit 11/6/2010

I am wearing:

– Mental singlet from Supre

– Black and white striped bodysuit from Factorie.

– Black and white rag skirt from Temt

– Berry tights from Cotton On.

– Jolly Roger ballet flats from Shoe Bizzare

– Star hoop earrings

– Amethyst ring

– silver ring

– Green and White beaded necklace from Chapel Street Bazaar.


I had a relatively productive day today.  I did my grocery shopping, made serious headway on my exam study, cleaned the house, got my boots fixed, bought some lovely new tights to replace the ones I tore a big hole in (oops!)  and had some serious Jelly-cuddles.  Last night, she tried to eat my hand, in order to prevent me from running off and leaving her again.  She’s been very well behaved today.  I am pretty sure that it won’t last long!

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