Daily outfit 3/6/2010


I spent today working on my final take-home exam for Family Law.  It was utterly exhausing.  I started working on it around nine-thirty this morning and finished at five this afternoon.  I am zonked!  I am pretty happy with the end result though, and now I have one entire subject completely finished for this semester.  I only have two more exams to study for now, which is a huge load off my mind.

Today I wanted something that would be comfortable and warm to work in, but that would still look good.


I am wearing:

– Black bohemian-style top from KMart

– Valley Girl red floral gypsy skirt

– Indian Sandals (from a little store near Chapel Street)

– Amethyst ring

– Turquoise ring

– Star beaded anklet

– Starry night pendant (thrifted)

-Fleur du lis ring.


It feels so nice to have that assignment out of the way.  I am off to do some hard-core relaxing.

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