Daily outfit 26/5/2010



Gaah! Another long Wednesday.  This is my last one though, because I have fewer classes in the lead up to exams.  What a relief.

I am wearing:

– Black long sleeved top from Cotton On

– Grey roll-neck tunic from Target

-Target skinny jeans

– Black boots (thrifted)

– Cubic zirconia ring

– Amethyst ring

– Mona Lisa pendant


I am a little sluggish today because I stayed up late watching the finale of Survivor last night.  I have been addicted to Survivor since it first aired ten years ago.  I have missed the past few seasons due to the awful television reception at college, but this was one of the best seasons that I have seen so far.  I was so relieved that Russell Hanz didn’t win.  He was just the slimiest, scummiest, most sociopathic player ever.  On a jury of nine previous cast members, not one threw a vote in his direction.  He looked like he was going to strangle somebody, and for a moment I thought that I was going to witness a murder on live television.  It was nice to see him lose, like seeing a playground bully getting smacked in the testicles by a geeky kid with glasses and headgear.


Also Lost is ending tonight.  I watched exactly four episodes of that show and then gave up.  I can’t believe that it has lasted this long.  It’s like Gilligan’s Island, except not funny and completely lacking in coconut phones.  My prediction is that in the final episode, the main character will wake up, and it will all have been a dream, or a drug trip, or a tumor-induced vision.  Snore.  I’ll be watching Spicks and Specks instead.

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