Daily outfit 21/5/2010


Today I am in a great mood.  I am travelling home with my brother this morning to see our Dad for his birthday.  I am really excited about seeing my family and having the weekend with the people I love the most.


I’ve been bouncing around my room, packing and getting dressed to the Across the Universe soundtrack.  Brilliant tunes.

I am wearing:

– Afternoon Delight t-shirt from Threadless.

– Striped jeans (thrifted)

– Dr Martens Boots

– Amethyst ring

– Terget Beret

– Emerald ring

– Alvin watch

– Pac Man Earrings from Diva

– Blue beaded choker (made by my aunt).


I am a little sad to leave Jellylorum for the weekend, but my housemate is going to take care of her, so I know she is in good hands.  She was sitting in my case while I was trying to pack, as if to say “take me with you!’

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