Daily outfit 20/5/2010



Today was madly frantic.  I had to go to work this morning, and I then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to finish all of the study that I wanted to get done before the weekend.  I am nearly there, and I am seriously thinking about giving up for tonight.  I am heading home tomorrow for my Dad’s birthday, and I wanted to get as much of my work done as possible so that I could take the weekend off.


I also did some fun stuff today.  I made a cup of chai and sat out on the lawn to read my book for a while.  Jellylorum came outside with me, and had a lovely time climbing trees and basking in the sunlight.

I am wearing:

– purple button-down cardigan from Cotton On

– Pink beaded skirt (thrifted)

– White stockings from Legs Avenue

– Brown mary janes from I Love Billy

– pink floral hair pin

– pink tulle flower brooch

– amethyst ring

– pink and white mohair scarf (gifted).

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