Daily outfit: Iron Man

I am wearing:

– White floral dress from Target

– Black herringbone tights

– Brown and gold vintage-style heels from Savers

– Moonstone necklace (gifted)

– Teacup ring from One Day In Paradise

– Amethyst ring

– Sapphire ring (gifted)


Jelly wears: her birthday suit.


Yesterday Ross and I went to see Iron Man.  I had only watched the first Iron Man movie last weekend and I had thoroughly enjoyed it.  I have never been a fan of Iron Man, but the movie really made him quite likeable, I thought.  I was really excited to see the second movie.


WARNING: Spoiler alert!

I really enjoyed the second movie.  With comic-book movies, I tend to enjoy the second film more than the first because they can jump right into the storyline, without having to establish the origin of the character.  Iron Man blew me away.  The special effects were awesome, and the action was fast-paced.  Robert Downey Jr is an obvious choice to play Tony Stark, and he pulls off the role to perfection.  I especially loved the scene at his birthday party, which finally touched upon the “Tony Stark is a drunk” storyline.  Micky Rourke was excellent as Whiplash, the villain of the piece.  I also enjoyed Scarlett Johanssen’s portrayal of the Black Widow, as she was suitably hot and kicked some serious arse.  Overall, I thought the movie was pretty good.


If I have one tiny bone to pick with the film, it’s that I thought it fell down a little in the middle.  From the moment Nick Fury appeared, I was confused.  The film didn’t do a good enough job of explaining S.H.E.I.L.D and it’s operations.  I didn’t really understand what Nick Fury was doing with Tony Stark, and I had to ask Ross to elaborate once we left the cinema.  I also thought that they needed to flesh out the link between Nick Fury and Tony, because in the first film, Fury only appeared in a teaser after the credits, and anybody who didn’t stay til the very end would have had no idea where this black guy with an eyepatch had suddenly come from.  Although I have read some comic books that feature Fury, I would have liked a bit more backstory there.  I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m not a comic-book lover, I’m the lover of a comic-book lover.


If you haven’t seen Iron Man yet, I highly recommend you check it out, and take a geek with you to explain the bits you don’t quite get.


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