Daily outfit: Bite the weenie, Rizz.

Continuing with my Grease theme, I am wearing my Rizzo outfit today.  When I first saw Grease, I really didn’t like Rizzo.  I found her to be abrasive and a little mean.  Now, I ‘get’ Rizzo a bit more.  Even though she acts tough and fiesty, she is really quite vulnerable.  I like that her character has quite a bit of depth.  Plus, who could go past Kenikie?  Not me, that’s for sure.

The hardest part of Rizzo’s outfit for me was the hair.  Rizzo has very short hair, and I certainly do not.  I decided to try and fake short hair with a French roll and some pin curls.

I am wearing:

– Black Playboy polo shirt

– Red pencil skirt from Christopher Ari

– Red plastic flats from Steve Madden

– Black Studded belt (gifted)

– Amethyst ring

– Target sunglasses.

Rizzo: You hauled your cookies all the way to the beach for some guy?

Sandy: well, this one was kinda special

Rizzo: honey, there ain’t no such thing.

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