Daily outfit 4/5/2010

I am feeling so much better today, that I decided to celebrate with a wildly patterned outfit and a humungous pair of false lashes.

I am wearing:

– Black beret from Target

– Black and White striped top (worn as dress) from Cotton On

– Diva leopard print patterned tights

– Pink Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers

– Star Earrings from Dutchess

– Amethyst ring

– Silver square ring from Diva

– Rainbow resin ring

– White plastic bangle

– Lash Me false lashes.

These lashes would make Daisy Duck proud.

When I put the lashes on this morning, I was sure that I would be ready to rip them off by lunch time.  I’ve still got them on though.  They take a little getting used to, and they are so long that they obscure my peripheral vision a little.  All morning I kept wanting to shriek “EEEK!  There’s a spider on my cheek!  Oh, wait, false alarm!”.

When I got home from class today, this is what I came home to…

A  Jelly-Cat on my bed.  I’m so lucky!

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