Smashbox launch.

Today I attended the launch of Kit Cosmetics new Smashbox range.  Smashbox was invented by the great-grandsons of Max Factor.  Smashbox has been available in America for some time, but it is making it’s Australian debut at Kit.  The range aims to allow you to create a flawless look that is fit for a Hollywood starlet.


I was very excited to attend this event.  Kit is one of my favorite cosmetics brands.  Not only are their products amazing, but their staff are brilliant too.  There are no stuck-up sales people at Kit, only hella fun people who know their stuff.  A visit to Kit always leaves me with a huge smile on my face, because their staff are just so friendly and helpful.  I also love the Kit philosophy to beauty.  They aren’t about churning out plastic, carbon-copies, but rather aim to provide a high-quality range of products to allow you to create any look you can dream of.


Today I went for a Rocky-Horror-themed outfit.  I really love this t-shirt, and I am guessing from the number of compliments that I got today that a lot of other people do too!


I am wearing:

– Rocky Horror tee from Supre

– Target Zebra skirt

– Corset belt

– Black opaque tights

– Black and silver boots from Savers

– Pirate Earrings from Diva

-Silver rings


My hair is courtesy of King of the Mods hair gel from Lush. This stuff is amazing.  It held my hair in place all day, without getting dry or crunchy.


When I arrived at Kit, I met my makeup artists, Cindy, who removed all my makeup and made me up using the Smashbox range.  She was excellent, explaining each product to me and carefully showing me how to apply each one.  I had a brilliant time, and I was so happy with the end result:

Cindy used quite a lot of the Smashbox range to create my look.


Photo Finish Primer in Adjust: I have never used a primer like this before.  The formula is green(!), which helps to counteract any redness in your complexion.  It worked wonders on my skin.  I am a bit red and blotchy at the moment because of my cold, but this miracle potion evened my skin right out and made my foundation look utterly flawless.  I highly recommend this product.


High Definition Healthy FX Foundation: this foundation is the whole package.  It has sun protection, anti-ageing properties, skin nutrition, is oil-free and weightless.


Halo Hydrating Powder: the Halo powder comes in the most ingenious little compact.  You twist the top of the compact to dispense a small amount of powder into the palette.  This helps to avoid spillage or over-powdering.  You can use this product to set your foundation, or as a full-coverage powder.


Photo-op Under Eye Brightener: a little swipe of this beauty under your eyes will brighten up dark circles and make your eyes pop.


Brow Tech Trio: I tend to neglect my brows when I do my makeup, but Cindy showed me what a difference it can make to your overall look.  My eyes looked huge, and the colour of my eyeshadow really stood out.  The brow trio comes with two colours (one for filling in sparse areas, one for evening out your brows) and a wax to set your brows.


Photo Finish Lid Primer: If, like me, you like to wear high-impact eyeshadow, you need to grab yourself a tube of this primer.  It will help your eye makeup to go on smoothly and last all day without creasing.


DNA Mascara: this thickening mascara comes with a spiral-shaped brush (like a DNA strand) to ensure that every millimetre of your lashes is coated.  The effect it creates is mesmerising.


Cindy also used a number of Kit’s regular products to finsih me off:

Jet set liner: a cute, waterproof liner in a pot.

Highlighter in Stardust

Lipstick in Legendary

Lip Gloss in Electric

Lip Liner in Nude Light

Blush in Bare

Eyeshadow trio in On Stage


I also got sent home with a sweet little goodie bag!


The goodie bag contained a great range of samples, including the Photo Op Eye Brightener, the O-Gloss lipgloss and the Light Primer



To purchase Kit’s brilliant Smashbox range, you can head into a Kit outlet, or head to their website at:


Kit comsetics have the Jellylorum seal of approval!



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