Daily outfit: Say, have you met Lydia?

Last night, I attended a murder mystery party for my friend Kath.  I wrote the script for the party and I have to say that the whole night was a pretty big success.  The theme was “Murder at the Circus”, and my character was Lydia the Tattooed Lady.  I have to say, that I had an awesome time.  Getting ready took approximately four hours, but it was totally worth it.  Here is the finished product:

Lydia, Oh Lydia, Say have you met Lydia?

Lydia the tattooed lady.

She has eyes that folks adore so,

And a torso even more so

When her robe is unfurled she can show you the world

If you step up and tell her where,

For a dime you can see Kankakee or Paris

Or Washington crossing the Delaware

Come along and see Buffalo Bill with his Lasso

Just another classic by Mendel Picasso

Here is Captain Spaulding exploring the amazon

Over here’s Godiva but with her pyjamas on.

Oh Lydia Oh Lydia,

That Encyplopedia

Oh Lydia the Queen of tattoos

When Her muscles start relaxing

Up the hill comes Andrew Jackson

She once swept an Admiral clear off his feet

The ships on her hips made his heart skip a beat

And now the old boy’s in command of the fleet

“Cause he went and married Lydia!

I had a great time.  Thanks for inviting me Kath!


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