Daily outfit 20/4/2010

I am set to have a very busy day today.  I have class, and two assignments to work on.  I also have to organize registration and vet appointments for Jellylorum and prepare for a party I am going to this weekend.  I felt like I needed an outfit that was going to be pretty, laid back and relaxed.

I am wearing:

– Cream lace bolero from Supre

– Green embroidered corset from Target

– Gypsy skirt from Target.

– Amethyst ring

– Rose quartz bracelet (vintage 1970s)

– Tony Bianco grey ankle boots.

– pink dragonfly hairclip.

I love the bracelet that I am wearing today.  It once belonged to my mother.  However, the clasp on it is very weak, and pops open often, so I am scared of losing it if I wear it too often.  It is also looking a little beaten up because most of the stones are missing from it.  Oh, well.

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