How to pluck your eyebrows.

Well-shaped eyebrows make a world of difference to the overall appearance of your face. Even if you don’t normally wear makeup, it’s a good idea to keep your eyebrows well groomed. Unruly eyebrows can make you look a little dishevelled and unkempt. Carefully plucked brows give your face a more polished appearance and will enhance the overall shape of your face.



If you have never plucked your brows before, it is a good idea to have them shaped by a professional first. Loads of beauticians and salons offer cheap eyebrow shaping. Benefit has a wonderful brow bar with friendly staff who will help you to shape your brows. Once you’ve had your brows professionally shaped once, you can simply pluck the regrowth. This avoids any mishaps.



If you do want to try plucking your brows yourself, you can follow this guide to shaping your eyebrows.



There are several things that you should never do when you are plucking your brows, especially if you are a novice. Here are some basic guidelines:

– Don’t wax your brows at home. I know that there are plenty of cheap brow kits, but for D.I.Y jobs, tweezers are best. Wax is simply too easy to stuff up, and you don’t want to wind up ripping off both brows with a simple swish of the hand.

– Pluck brows slowly. Just take one hair at a time. While this is time consuming, it is best to pluck gradually to allow you to monitor the shape you are creating.

– Don’t try to go against the natural shape of your brows. If, like me, you have naturally bushy brows, don’t try to pluck them into pencil-thin twigs. It will look fake and odd and you will be stuck with a permanently surprised look for a few weeks. We are just aiming for a light grooming of the brows, not a complete reconstruction.



It is a good idea to invest in a good pair of tweezers. I love Manicare’s range of tweezers, as they are easy to handle and last for ages. If your tweezers start to lose their grip, rub the inner tips lightly with an emery board to roughen them.



The aim of plucking your brows is to create a flattering shape that will frame your eyes and open up your face. Here is a basic guide to shaping your brows.


– take an eyeliner pencil and hold it vertically so that it just touches the outside of your nostril. Draw a tiny dot where the line of the pencil hits your brow bone. This is where your eyebrow should begin.

– Take the pencil and hold it diagonally from the flare of your nostril. Draw a line where the pencil hits your brow bone. This is where your eyebrows should end.

– Take the pencil and hold it vertically so that it covers your pupil. Draw a dot where the pencil hits your brow bone. This is where your eyebrow should arch.

Repeat this process on the other eye. Use these three dots as a guide when you are plucking your brows.



Start plucking at the bridge of your nose. Gently pluck any hairs from in between your brows.

Using the first dot as a guide, pluck the inner corners of your eyebrow. Just take one hair at a time and try to give your brow a slightly rounded end. Step back from the mirror every few seconds to check your handiwork and assess whether you need to take any more hairs. It is far better to be underplucked than over plucked.



Now, work on the arch of your brow. Something I do when I need to reshape my brows is use a matte white eye shadow to shade in the shape I want, and then use this as a guide when I am plucking. Don’t make the arch too high, just enough to give your brows good definition.

Slightly taper the ends of your brows. You can do this by plucking the hairs on the ends of your brows or trimming them with nail scissors if you want.



Always remember to pluck your brows in natural light. This means either outside or by the window. This is because UV light highlights the hairs more clearly, so you won’t miss any sneaky hairs. Artificial light doesn’t pick up all of the hairs, so even though you might think you’ve done a thorough job, you could walk out the door to find that you’ve actually missed a lot of stray hairs.



Happy plucking!


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