Daily outfit by Jellylorum.

Good day to you all!  My name is Jellylorum and I am Vanessa’s new cat.  I came home yesterday and my adoption is now official.  I am very relieved to be here in my new home.  The people at the RSPCA were very nice, and I made lots of new friends, but here  I can roam about and do plenty of exploring.



A lot of people are intrigued by my name.  It is rather unusual, but I think a cat deserves to have a interesting name.  It’s far more dignified than a generic moniker like “puss” or “socks”.  I am named Jellylorum after one of the characters in CATS.  Jellylorum is a sweet, respectful cat who is quite protective of her friends.  Jellylorum was also the name of T.S Elliots’ real life cat.  He wrote a short poem about her that I rather love.  It goes like this:


My name is Jellylorum

and its one idea is to be useful

For instance

It straightens the pictures

It does the grates

Looks in the larder to see what’s needed

And into the dustbin to see nothing’s wasted

And yet, it is so lillie and small

That it can sit on my ear.


I am a rather relaxed animal, and I love:

– scratches behind the ears

-my new blue collar

– making forts out of the couch and blankets

– sleeping in the sun


– The Beatles

– chasing ribbons


-running faucets


There are a few things I don’t like though, such as:

– having to stay inside all the time

– taking medicine for my flu, which is making me feel a bit down

– being left on my own

– dogs barking (it hurts my ears!).


Anyways, this was supposed to be an outfit post, so here’s the picture.


Today, Vanessa is wearing:

– Blue and Yellow dress from Grab Denim

– Purple cardigan from Cotton On

– Jolly Roger shoes from Shoe Bizaare

– Amethyst ring

– Blue beaded choker (handmade by my aunt).

-purple hair barette (thrifted)


I helped her to put her makeup on this morning.  Those brushes are so fluffy, but the powder got up my nose and made me sneeze.  I like what Vanessa is wearing today, because it looks pretty but is comfy enough that she can kneel down on the floor to play with me.


It was so lovely to sit here and type this all out for you.  I love the clicky-clacky noises the keys make.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Jelly xo


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