How to make jeans and tee shirts more interesting

For years, I wore a uniform of jeans and t-shirts. I went to a high school where the VCE students didn’t have to wear uniform, and it was just easier to throw on a similar sort of thing each morning.


Now, I’ve branched out a lot with the clothes I wear, but I still like to wear jeans and t-shirts. This ensemble is branded with a “boring” label, but there are lots of little tweaks you can make to jazz up this classic combo.


Try wearing a really amazing t-shirt. Rather than just a plain coloured tee, try something with a wild print or a hilarious pop culture reference. You can get loads of great tees at Threadless, Noizebot and Pulp Kitchen. Better still, you could try making your own t-shirts at home; using transfer paper or fabric paint, and rest assured that nobody else will have the same tee.


Alternatively, try t-shirts in different fabrics, such as jersey or silk. These are a refreshing change from plain cotton.


Every girl should own one eye-catching pair of jeans. There are loads of ways that you can make your jeans stand out. Coloured jeans, embellished pockets, embroidery, rips and details make your denim look unique. The best way to achieve this look is to customize your jeans yourself. Denim can be customised in a million different ways, and you really are only limited by your imagination. Sew on buttons, splash with paint, slash with scissors, bedeck with decals or bedazzle with glitter, whatever takes your fancy.


Belts are a great way to jazz up a boring outfit. Cinch an oversized t-shirt with a wide belt to accentuate your waist, or sling a belt low on your hips for a tough look.

Shoes can change the look of your entire outfit. Rather than just wearing sneakers or thongs with your jeans, try slipping into a pair of heels for a rock-chick edge. If stilettos aren’t your thing, add a pair of platform wedges for a hippie look. Boots also look brilliant with jeans, whether zippered over the jeans or worn underneath.


Try throwing on a cute vest or waistcoat over your tee. This really simple addition can add loads of character to your outfit.


Add scarves in your hair, around your neck or as a belt.

Jewellery is the number one way to add interest to an outfit. Whether you choose to add a single statement piece or to pile on everything you own, it is a great way to inject personality into a plain ensemble.


Throw on a cute hat to combat a bad hair day. Berets, trilbys and beanies all look brilliant with jeans and tees combos.


You could also try layering a couple of t-shirts over one another. I like to put a long sleeved tee under a short sleeved one in winter for extra warmth.


When it comes to jazzing up a classic ensemble, accessories really do make a world of difference. Belts, hats and jewellery are cheap ways to personalise your wardrobe and set you apart from the crowd. By adding a few quirky extras and personalised pieces to your jeans, you will find that you can go from looking drab and boring to totally unique in just a few short moments.

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