Daily outfits 15/4/2010

Uh-oh!  I have been majorly lazy with my outfit posts of late.  It’s not because I’ve been too lethargic to take pictures, or because I’ve been wearing PJs every day.  It’s due to the fact that I am so swamped with assignments right now that I barely have time to scratch myself, let alone post outfit photos.  So now that I have a little time to myself, here are my outfits so far this week.


It was cold, Ross was staying over, and I didn’t feel like getting up for my 9am class.  I needed something cozy and comfortable.

I am wearing:

– Pink “I’m with the band” tee from Fashion Fair

– black velvet skirt (thrifted)

– Dr. Martens Boots

– Black hoodie from Cotton On


I had to hand in my dismal corporations law take-home exam, so I decided to go with my “Cyborg secretary from the future” look

I am wearing:

– Black knitted dress from Supre

– Turquoise tights from Cotton On

– Black nine west heels.

-Black plastic bangle.


I had a full day of classes, so I decided to channel my inner Drew Barrymore

I am wearing:

– Blue pucci print shirt (thrifted)

– Sportsgirl jeans

– Dr Martens Boots

– Amethyst ring

– Fleur du lis ring

-various beaded bracelets

– pink chandelier earrings.


I headed off for work this morning, and then this arvo I worked on my assignments and went grocery shopping.

I am wearing:

– Purple blouse

– Target pink beaded skirt

– Pink bow heels from McArthur’s shoes

-Pink pucci handbag

– Amethyst ring

– cream headscarf (thrifted)

– Pink sequinned brooch from Target.


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