10 things I can’t live without

Every Sunday, I pour over the pages of the Herald Sun’s Sunday Magazine until I get to the back page. There is this segment I love called “Things I Can’t Live Without”, where a celebrity invites the reporter into their home and they list a number of items that they can’t live without. I thought that I would do my own version of the segment.

1. Friends, Family and Ross.

The people in my life make every day so much richer. I am blessed to know so many amazing and exceptional people, and I don’t know what I would do without them. I feel very lucky to know that there is always somebody for me to share my happiest moments with, or to turn to for help when I need it.

2. My Computer

I would be stuffed if I didn’t have a computer. I can’t go a single day without checking my email, and my blog simply couldn’t exist without this contraption. Plus, I do all my school work and assignments on it, so it really is quite important.

3. Cast-iron teapot.

My parents bought me this teapot for my 21st birthday and I use it almost every day. I drink a wide variety of herbal teas and flavoured black teas, and this teapot is the perfect size for making a single cup, or several cups to share. Because it is made of metal, it keeps the tea really warm too.

4. Amethyst ring

This was a gift from Ross for our 6-month anniversary, and I have worn it every day since. I even wear it when I am lying sick in bed. I pretty much only take it off to shower and do the dishes.

5. Rosary beads.

I am quite religious and I like to say a rosary every day. I have two sets of Rosary beads. One set is very special and belonged to my great grandmother. The other set was a gift from my grand parents on my 18th birthday.

6. Photo albums.

I have a terrible memory for faces, and so I take a lot of photos of my loved ones and pets. I keep them close by to show friends who come to visit, and to comfort me when I am feeling lonely.

7. Journal

I have kept a journal since I was 13 years old, and I try to write in it every day. Some entries are just a few lines, while others stretch on for pages and pages. I go through a couple of journals a year, and I think I have filled about 27 of them to date. I find that they really help to consolidate my memory, and work out my feelings when I am down or confused.

8. Board games

I adore playing games of all kinds, but I especially love games that revolve around trivia or performance. I own five different versions of Trivial Pursuit. My other favourite games include Scattegories, Cranium, Panic and Twister.

9. Sunscreen

I never go a single day without slathering myself with sunscreen. I burn so easily when I am out in the sun, and keeping my skin covered will help me to avoid skin cancer and alligator-like skin as I get older. I use two different sunscreens, one for my face and another for my body.

10. Ipod

I listen to music wherever I go, and I love to have a little soundtrack running into my ears. I love the way that music can set the tone for the day, and can completely change your mood. I have so many memories that are inextricably linked to certain songs. For a while, I used to make a mixed tape each month, of all the songs that I had been listening to that past month. Whenever I listen to those tapes now, I am instantly transported back to those moments.


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