How to wear tricky items: ankle boots.

About a year ago, I purchased a pair of Tony Bianco ankle boots from an op shop.  Ankle boots have always been something that I have been keen to experiment with, but I was always a bit scared.  This seems to be the norm for a lot of people.


Once I got the boots home though, I realised how insanely versatile they are.  I wear them all the time now.


Here are a few suggestions for experimenting with ankle boots.


Ankle boots can look really chic with dark coloured jeans or dress pants.  Wear them with a pretty blouse and simple jewellery for a slick, sophisticated look.

Take ankle boots back to their punk heyday by mixing bright colours with black and adding a few rips, zips and studs.
Ankle boots look gorgeous when worn with gypsy-style ensembles.  Anchor a floaty skirt with a chunky pair of boots.

Flat boots are really comfy and are a refreshing change from sneakers.  Wear them with gold jewellery and ripped jeans for a tough look.
Comfy boots are perfect for lazy winter days.  Slip yours on with tights and a cute tunic and curl up on the couch with a good book.

Dr. Martens boots are the most kick-ass kind of ankle boots I have one pair that has lasted over ten years, and I still love them.  wear them with cute, flippy skirts and girly jewellery or dress your docs down with jeans and a cute jumper.

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