How to do a rock quiff

As you might have guessed by now, I love big hair. The bigger, the better. One of the reasons that I love big hair is because it adds interest to your outfit. The other reason is that it is the perfect disguise for hair that really needs a wash.



Big hairdos work best on hair that is slightly dirty. This is because all of the natural oils in your hair aid in styling and help the style to hold for longer. I have found it utterly impossible to do a beehive on freshly washed hair.



This style is a good way to start out with big hair. It’s not as full-on as a beehive or pompadour, but it still has a lot of impact. It’s great for wearing with punk-rock styles, or with 50’s style getups.



A quiff works on any hair that is shoulder length or longer. It is also best if you have relatively straight hair. If you don’t have straight hair, you could try straightening it and then giving this style a whirl. This style doesn’t really work if you have a fringe cut into your hair.


You will need:

– Hairbrush

– Tail comb

– Bobby pins

– Hair tie

– Hairspray (I love Vidal Sassoon’s maximum hold spray for this style)

– Styling pomade. At the moment, I’m using Wakk Polish moulding crème, and it works a treat.


Step 1. brush your hair to remove any tangles.


Step 2. Take a large section of hair from the front of your head, at the centre, just behind your

forehead. The section should be about 8cm across.


Step 3. Take your section of hair and, using your tail comb, comb it straight up into the air. Then, add a generous spritz of hairspray to the underside of this section. Use your tail comb to backcomb the underside of the front section. If you want the section to sit up very tall, use a lot of backcombing. If you want a more subtle quiff, backcomb lightly.


Step 4. Slick the backcombed section onto your head. Push it forward slightly and then secure it with a pair of crossed-over bobby pins.


Step 5. take a tiny scrape of pomade on your tail comb and carefully smooth the front of your quiff, being careful not to undo the backcombing.


Step 6. take a small amount of pomade and warm it between your hands. Then, slick it over the sides of your hair. Comb the side sections backwards and pin them tightly behind the quiff. This will keep the sides of your hair looking smooth so the quiff stands out even more.


Step 7. It’s really up to you what you want to do with the back of your hair. You could just stop here and leave the ends free-flowing. However, if you do this, you leave all the bobby pins visible at the back. I like to either pull my hair back into a pony tail or a low bun. It’s really up to you, and how you style the back section of your hair will really be determined by the length of your hair and the look that you are going for.


Step 8. Give the whole ‘do a good spray with your hairspray and you are good to go.



Once you get the hang of this style, you will be able to do the whole thing in under five minutes. If you pin it tightly enough, it will last from sunrise to sunset, will keep all your hair off your face and will hide the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in a week.


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