Daily outfit: an impromptu birthday party

I realised quite late today that it was my friend Sam’s birthday.  I had no idea ahead of time and even Facebook had failed to keep me in the loop.  So, after some hurried apologies, we decided to head out to the pancake parlour for cheese and potato pancakes and sundaes.

I watched Whip It today, which was totally kick-ass awesome, and gave me an irrepressible craving for smudgy eye makeup and fabulous tights.

I am wearing:

– Red and Blue hoodie from YNOT?

– Beauty school dropout tee from Supre

– Black keyhole tights from Rubi

– Black Dr Martens boots.

– Red tartan mini from Target

– black studded belt

– ROCK knuckleduster ring

-amethyst ring

-red leopard print ring

– donald duck ring

– ZAP necklace

– various button badges.

Here is a close up of my collection of badges.

I had a really fun night, and I hope that Sam had a great birthday.  We did have an especially funny conversation in the car, in which Sam revealed that she has this illusion that it takes me no time or effort to get ready in the morning, but rather just stand in front of my wardrobe and my clothes fly out and onto my body in a perfect ensemble, rather like Ali G.  I love it.

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