Daily outfit: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everybody!  I hope that you all had a lovely long weekend and didn’t make yourselves too sick on chocolate.  I had an excellent weekend.

Easter Sunday started off with an Easter egg hunt in my backyard at home.  I got dressed up in some festive attire, and I thought that my dog, Ella, could use a little adornment too…

Brodie, Ella’s brother, was a lot less cooperative, but he did let me have a little cuddle before we raced outside to hunt for easter eggs.

My family met up with Ross’s family for a lovely picnic lunch, a few rounds of Bocce and several rowdy board games.

I am wearing:

– Pink polka dot dress from Target

– White stockings from Sexyland

– Nine West black patent leather heels

– pearl necklace

– amythest ring.

It was a really great day.

Today, I wore my “Smoking Caterpillar” outfit to study and watch a million episodes of South Park with Ross.

I am wearing:

– Purple beanie (thrifted)

– Teal spangled singlet from Tree of Life

– Harem pants from Remember Me

– Rainbow silk scarf (present from Adam)

– Beaded shoes from Target

– Mona lisa pendant

-assorted charm bracelets and bangles

– amethyst ring

– fleur du lis ring

– Love ring

– onyx ring

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