How to layer your clothes

Layering is a tricky art to master. However, once you get the hang of it, you will find that it will open up a whole new range of wardrobe possibilities. You will find layering useful if:

– You want to get more mileage out of your clothes.

– You want to mix colours, prints and volume to create unique looks

– You don’t like showing off a lot of skin, but want to be able to wear short skirts or low-cut tops.

– You want to experiment a little more with what you already have in your wardrobe.

– You love Harajuku, punk-rock or bohemian styles.



Layering is great for girls on a budget. You will find plenty of new ways to wear your summer gear in cold weather with the addition of a few cheap extras. When I moved to Melbourne to start uni, I quickly started experimenting with layering, to help combat the erratic Melbourne weather. In the city, the weather can change in the blink of an eye, so clever layering can help you to be prepared for any kind of weather. I also found that layering my clothes actually helped me to save money, because I wasn’t buying a whole new wardrobe every winter. Instead, I started purchasing pieces that would work well on their own, or layered with other items.



Working with layers is also a really fun way to add interest to your outfit. You can experiment with different colours, textures and prints and mix them all together to create really unique looks.

Layering comes with a few rules. Generally, I don’t really like wardrobe rules, but sometimes they are necessary to keep you from looking like a bit of a berk.

– Slim-fitting garments should be worn closest to your body. Baggier items should be worn on top.

– Don’t layer items that are made of heavy, bulky fabrics. If you do this, you will wind up looking like the Michelin Man, as well as feeling mighty uncomfortable. Choose garments that are made of light, slim fabrics to create a flattering silhouette.



That’s really it in the way of rules. Layering is a really versatile style, which you can spin any way you want.



Layering essentials.

Leggings or tights.

In winter, I love to pair my summery dresses with a pair of heavy denier tights. You can get so many brilliant stockings right now, in a multitude of different colours and textures. Tights are really cheap and will last a while if you take good care of them. I feel a bit uncomfortable in short skirts with bare legs, so I often pair them with leggings.



Slim-fit long-sleeved tops.

Tops that are body-hugging are great for wearing on their own or layering under tee-shirts or dresses. Choose light fabrics to avoid lumps and bumps.  I have a trick that I use sometimes to create tops to later with. If you run a pair of tights, simply take a pair of scissors and cut off the feet of the tights. Then, cut a hole in the crotch. Put your head through the crotch of the tights and your arms in the legs and viola: cheap, layering tops that cost nothing and make use of something you would otherwise throw away.




The cardi is the ultimate layering accessory. Summery tops and dresses can be carried over into the cooler months by slipping a cardigan over the top. I have loads of cardigans in different fabrics and lengths. My favourites are the long cardigans from Cotton On, which come in about a million colours, are loose and billowy and retail for $29.99. I also love zippered hoodies and cute knitted cardigans.



Body suits

I bought a body suit last year as an experiment and I instantly fell in love. They are so comfortable and cheap and are brilliant for throwing under a skirt or jeans for a streamlined “tucked-in” look. They are also really useful for adding to dress and t-shirt combos when the weather turns cold. I plan on stocking up on a few different ones this year.













With layering, the possibilities are endless! Get creative and start mixing and matching items from your own wardrobe to make a look that is totally unique.


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