Daily outfit 29/3/2010

I have been having a very productive morning.  I’ve gotten a tonne of writing done on my family psych assignment, gone to my lecture, and come home and done loads of work on my blog.  I love days when I have loads to do, and I actually manage to plow through most of it in a reasonable amount of time.  Productivity makes me happy.

I am wearing:

– Green and white polka dot headscarf (thrifted)

– white camisole from Target

– black tights from Diva

– Blue glass heart pendant (21st present from the lovely Katherine)

– Amethyst ring

– Grey Sportsgirl dress (marked at $79.99, purchased at Savers with tags on for $7)

– Tony Bianco blue suede slingback heels.

In other news, Ringo, Jellylorum’s son, has decided overnight that I am best friend material.  Two days ago, he hated me, and would run every time I entered the yard.  Now he’s cuddling my toes while I eat my lunch and giving me Eskimo kisses.  Cats…go figure!

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