Daily outfit 28/3/2010

Today’s daily outfit post is actually of yesterday’s outfit.  Today I wore a very unglamerous ensemble because I had to take the kittens and Jellylorum to the RSPCA.  It was very sad.  They were quite well-behaved on the car ride there, although Phillip did decide to lighten the mood by uriating in the cat carrier, on top of all the other kittens.  Hopefully they will all find very good homes.  Jellylorum is going to be put through some health and temperament tests, and then desexed and immunized, and then she will be coming home with me to live permanently.  I can’t wait.

Anyway, onto the outfit photos.

I am wearing:

– Purple pucci print tunic from Chapel Street Bazaar

-Black mini skirt from Table Eight (I think).

– Berry tights from Cotton On

– Black boots from Savers

– Amethyst ring

– Bejewelled ring from Nisarg from India (fanks!)

I was really happy with the overall effect of this outfit.  It was so comfy and I got a chance to wear a fairly new pair of boots.  Ross and I went shopping for a cat carrier and I snuck off to go to the Benefit counter to try out some of their products.  The lovely girl their showed me some clever new things, and she was so impressed with my eye makeup that she asked me if I was a makeup artist (snaps for Nessbow!).  She wanted to know each and every product that I had used, and I was forced to admit to her that two of the eyeshadows are at least 16 years old, and the package is so worn that I don’t know what the brand name is.  I know how naughty it is to use old eye makeup, but I love these colours and I cant’ find any on the market right now to replace them.

On Saturday evening I went to a lovely BBQ, and then Ross and I rushed over to a housewarming gig for one of his old uni mates.  It was a pretty good weekend (kitten disposal aside).

I hope you all had a really fun weekend.

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