What to wear on a first date.

First dates can be nerve wracking. You are struggling with a mixed bag of emotions- attraction, excitement and nerves. You worry about saying the wrong thing and whether things are going to go well. Even though I’m not exactly an expert on dating, there is one thing that I can offer some sage advice on…what to wear.



My general rule of thumb for a first date is that you want to look nice, but feel comfortable. You don’t want to look as though you just rolled out of bed, but at the same time you don’t want to look too high-maintenance and primped. You want to look pretty without overdoing it. My advice would be to choose an item from your wardrobe that you absolutely love. Everyone has a favourite dress or pair of jeans which are like a secret weapon. When you wear an item that you love, that feels great and you know looks amazing, you feel super-confident. This is what you want on a first date. You don’t want to rush out and buy something form-fitting and uncomfortable, because you will spend the entire time squirming around and tugging at it. You won’t enjoy yourself because you feel like your insides are being squeezed out, and your date just might pick up on your discomfort and interpret it as disinterest. Choose an item that you already own and love, and run with it. It’s O.K to buy a few new accessories to go with it, but I don’t recommend buying a whole new outfit.



Also, I would advise choosing your best asset, and accentuating it. If you have a gorgeous waist, play it up with a corset or a cool belt. If your friends are green with envy of your breasts, try a top with rouching or a boat-neck to play them up. If you have legs that go on forever, try a pair of high-waisted jeans. This will boost your confidence, knowing that your outfit plays to your strengths. Plus, thinking about your best assets is a great way to bolster your self-confidence, rather than shooting it down by focusing on all the things you hate about yourself.



Ultimately, what you decide to wear will hinge upon your plans for the evening. Here are a few suggestions.




If you are heading to the movies, you want something that you can sit comfortably in that still looks pretty. You don’t want to wear something too fancy, unless you are going to the Gold Class cinema. I would recommend a well-fitted pair of jeans, with a cute top and wedges and fun jewellery.


If you are going out for something to eat, you don’t want to wear anything too fitted. The last thing you want is to be having to order a salad, for fear of splitting the seams on your skin-tight dress if you eat anything more than a few lettuce leaves. Restaurants call for pretty, feminine outfits, such as a sweet blouse and dress pants, or a sweet dress and heels. The type of restaurant that you are visiting will play a part in what you decide to wear also.


The great outdoors

If you are planning to do something physical on your date (other than your ordinary date activity ;)), like ice-skating or laser tag, you want something that is going to be comfortable and give you room to move. Why not try a cute playsuit, or shorts and a tee? Dress it up with a cute hair accessory and you are ready to run, jump, skip and whatever else you wind up doing.




If you are heading out for a romantic picnic (a favourite destination of mine) your clothes should be sweet and pretty, without looking too glitzy. A cute sundress and sandals will do the trick, especially when paired with a pretty hat.


A word of warning about makeup.

When heading out for a date, you want to look your best. Try a light, natural base that lets your natural skin tone glow. Add a sweet, peachy blush and a light wash of pale colour over your eyelids. Wear a shimmery gloss that accentuates your lips. This way, you won’t be smearing red lippie all over your date if you decide to give him a smooch at the end of the night. A lip stain is another good makeup option, as it looks sweet and natural, but will stay on through anything.

The most important advice that I can give you is to go as yourself. Don’t try to create a costume for the person you want your date to see you as. Go as yourself, even if it is a ‘you’ with a little more spit-polish than usual. Your date agreed to go out with you because they like what they saw. Don’t put too much emphasis on what you wear, and don’t try to be somebody that you aren’t. Just relax, have fun and all will be well.

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