Daily outfit: Off with their heads!

After doing my Alice in Wonderland style post, I was feeling rather inspired. I thought that I would put together an outfit from my own wardrobe for each character.  The outfits will be coming in dribs and drabs over the next few days.  It was a lot of fun, and I basically wanted to demonstrate how you can translate fantasy fashion into an everyday context.

Last night, my friend Sam and I went to see Alice for the second time (or first time, in Sam’s case).  As I wore an Alice-inspired outfit last time, I thought that a night-time viewing called for something a little more wicked.


I am wearing:

– Red free fusion dress

– black and red rag skirt from Dotti

– Black fishnet tights from Diva

– Red and white checked shoes from Shoo Biz

– Red rose earrings

– Amethyst ring

– Ace of Hearts Necklace from Diva

– Black studded belt

– Red leopard print ring from Equip.

I was thrilled with this outfit, especially my makeup.  It was a lot of fun, and was a little bit “Marie Antoinette meets the Red Queen”.  The movie was great the second time around, and I found that I actually picked up more of the detail of the film this time, because I wasn’t so overwhelmed by the whole experience.  I had an excellent time cataching up with Sam too, who wore a gorgeous outfit BTW.  I wish I had taken photos so I could show you the amazing shoes she rocked up in, but oh well.

Today, I felt as though I needed to temper my power-hungry Red Queen outfit with something a little more mellow.  So I went for an etheral White Queen look.

A big thanks to Steve, my mini-Cheshire Cat.

Today I am wearing:

– Sass and Bide rose t shirt

– Now white peasant skirt

– Silver sandals from Betts

– Diamante earrings from Diva

– Diamente ring from Diva

– Pearl necklace from Nana

– Silver filigree bracelet

I was a bit worried about trying out the White Queen’s makeup, but I think it turned out OK.  I was a lot of fun to try and I am really enjoying wearing this frothy, floaty outfit today.

I’m off now, to whip up some potions and make fluttering gestures with my hands!

Have a great day!

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