Alice in Wonderland Style


It’s no secret that Alice in Wonderland is going to have a huge impact on fashion this year. We are set to see an influx of Wonderland- inspired trends hitting the shops. Alice is such a fun fashion inspiration, because it has such a rich aesthetic which lends itself to sartorial experimentation.


If you are looking to dress in Wonderland style, there are so many different directions that you could go in. You could pick up on a single piece, such as a full tulle skirt, mary jane heels, amazing hats and prim waistcoats, or you could try to run some of these trends together. I prefer to choose a character and create an outfit around their personality, appearance and the key features that set them apart.


Are you feeling a little lost?

If so, you could take your inspiration from Alice. Choose a feminine dress with a full skirt, and accessorize with Mary Janes and striped stockings. Finish off the look with soft makeup and fluttering lashes.


Are you feeling philosophical?

Embrace your inner intellectual by emulating the caterpillar. Mix velvets and bohemian-inspired pieces with heavy jewellery and dark eye makeup. Hide your red-rimmed eyes behind a huge pair of sunglasses, and spend the day huffing on a hookah from the comfort of a squashy lounge chair.

Are you feeling floaty and feminine?

You need to dabble in the froths and frills of the White Queen’s wardrobe. Choose garments that are ultra-feminine and that all build around a cool palette. Add dazzling jewellery and a parasol to ensure that your milky-white complexion isn’t damaged. Let your dark side shine through in your makeup, with dark lips and nails.


Are you feeling playful?

Dress down in stripes and sneakers in a style that is reminiscent of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Add a cute cap and some whimsical jewellery and you are set for a day of mischief.


Are you feeling a little mad?

Do you long to dress in a way that makes people wonder whether you have magnificent fashion sense, or are just a snap, crackle and pop away from the nuthouse? You need to channel the Mad Hatter. Wear rich, bright colours, crazy legwear and towering shoes and top it all off with a magnificent hat.


Are you feeling time pressured?

Perhaps you should step into the shoes of the harried White Rabbit. Don a waistcoat and pocket watch and add a pair of brogues (all the better to run to your next engagement) for a little Lapin inspiration.


Are you feeling deliriously happy?

If you are smiling so hard that your cheeks ache, you might want to try on this Cheshire Cat outfit. Purple stripes form the basis of this ensemble, capped off with slinky leggings and ballet flats… excellent for climbing trees and lazing in the sunshine.

Are you feeling cranky?

Take your inspiration from the screaming, tyrannical Red Queen, by donning a punk-rock combo. Dress in reds and blacks, with fishnet stockings and devilishly high heels on days when you find you’ve laced your cranky pants a little too tight.

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