Daily outfit and kittens!

Today I went to work and wore something hellishly boring, so this is a post on what I wore yesterday instead.

I am wearing:

– Blue butterfly jeans from Target

– crucifix t-shirt

– red platform clogs from Scooter

– Black studded belt (from Ross).

– amethyst ring

– Baby Doll earrings from Marcs

– Mushroom belly button ring

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for…kitten pics!

Warning: these pictures are so cute, you might just have a heart attack when you look at them.

This is Phillip.  Look at his sweet face.  If you find yourself beginning to feel stressed or angry, just look into Phillip’s eyes, and feel your anger melt away on a sea of calm.

This is Sugar.  She’s the most talkative of the whole group.  She’s named after my favorite Marilyn Monroe character, Sugar Kane from Some Like it Hot.

This is Scuba Steve, so named because he likes to snorkel in his milk bowl.

This is Mini-Jelly.  She is the spitting image of her mother.

And this is Timmy, who is so cute.

There is another kitten, Kitten-Face, but she didn’t feel like having her picture taken today.

Hope you guys have all had a brilliant day!

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