Daily outfit 9/03/2010

Here is what I have been wearing over the last two days.  The weather here in Melbourne has been pretty wild and it’s been difficult to plan what to wear.  It goes from wet, to hot, to windy, to freezing in the blink of an eye!

I am wearing:

– green embroidered corset from Target

– Target patchwork gypsy skirt

– Rubi shoes black gladiator sandals

– Ruby butterfly hair clasp

– burnt orange pashmina (a Christmas present from my Dad)

-Jade Bracelet

– Amethyst ring

– gold pendant.

I am wearing:

– purple and black striped top from Cotton on

– Sportsgirl red stitch jeans

– Black Chuck Taylor All Stars sneakers

– Denim Dutch-boy cap from Ice

– Amethyst ring

– Homer Simpson Pin

– Ned Flanders Pin

– Eric Cartman pin.

I went for a slightly androgynous look today, with minimal makeup and my hair tucked into the hat.

Here are a few other goings on that I thought I would share with you guys:

– I overheard a father dispensing the worst parenting advice I have ever heard.  He was saying to his young daughter, “Feelings are our enemies”.  Congrats Dad!  You’ve just set your daughter up for a lifetime of repression and low self-esteem.  Well done!

– In the supermarket the other day, I squealed with excitement when I came across a copy of my favorite childhood book “The Little Red Caboose”. I seriously considered buying it, until I realised that I still have my original copy somewhere.

– I watched the Audrey Hepburn biopic the other day and bawled my eyes out at the end.  I was in the bathroom, still crying, when my housemate came home and I had to pretend to be washing my face so that she wouldn’t notice that I was covered in mascara.

-I had to perform a kitten rescue mission two nights ago when a huge storm hit our place.  The kittens are living behind the shed, and they were soaked.  There are six kittens in total, but only four came out and I was frantic about where the other two could be.  I finally found them, soaking but asleep, behind a huge piece of corugated iron.  I bought them all inside to dry off, and then build them a new bed under the verandah.  They have been sleeping there ever since, and have managed to stay relatively dry despite this nasty weather.


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