How to wear harem pants


Last year, I purchased a pair of harem pants, and as soon as I got them home, I was wracked with guilt. “I’ll never wear these”, I thought to myself. They had been so comfortable in the store, but once I was standing in front of the rest of my wardrobe, I just felt so confused.



I am now really pleased that I bought those pants, because I have gotten a tonne of wear out of them, and I have figured out loads of different ways to style them. They compliment so many different styles and body shapes, that I believe it is almost ludicrous not to own a pair. Don’t believe me? Try these on for a little inspiration.


Throw on your harem pants with a cute tee, an awesome hat and some kick-ass ankle boots and you’ve got yourself a really unique street outfit, perfect for a picnic or a day out shopping.


Harem pants are often associated with being a soft, floaty garment, best worn with peasant blouses and sandals. You can give your harem pants a hard edge by teaming them with dark lace, chunky silver jewellery and sky-high stilettos.


Why not embrace the middle-eastern origins of the harem pant, by wearing yours with beaded midriff tops, bejewelled sandals and piles of bangles, rings and beads? It’s an outfit fit for an Eastern princess.


I love the sheer comfort of my harem pants, and they look really great when you wear them with a snug-fitting hoodie and sneakers. Add some costume jewellery to give your ensemble a little more pop and spend your day crashed out on the couch, or out for a night of bowling or movie-watching.

Believe it or not, harem pants can actually work really well as work-wear. As long as you pair them with a pretty, tailored blouse, smart high heeled pumps and classic jewellery, there is no reason why you can’t rock these babies all the way to your office cubicle.



Harem pants are a little daunting, because of their volume and the fact that most of us tend to stick with a single style of pant and are a little afraid to break out of the mould. Once you have given them a whirl, you will see what a versatile garment they actually are, and you will find yourself wearing your harem pants more often than you ever expected.

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