Daily outfit 3/3/2010

This is going to be a pretty quick outfit post tonight, because I have loads to do.  I am slowly getting through all my class work for the next week, plus I am working on a writing project for a friend and I am super-amped about it.  You know when you start something new and you are just bubbling over with ideas?  Well, that’s what I’m like at the moment.


This is what I wore yesterday.


– Rocky Horror tee from Supre (they had it in with a bunch of Twilight crap, but it’s clearly Patricia Quinn’s lips, I know it!).

-Sportsgirl red stitch jeans.

– red, grey and blue striped scarf (thrifted)

– Steve Madden red ballet flats.

-Key brooch from ALdo

– Alvin watch

– amethyst ring.


Today I wore this to work on a zillion projects at once:

-pink pucci halter neck top from Target

– Target pedal pushers (ha!)

– rainbow platform shoes from Rocket Dog

-ice cream pin

– Amethyst ring

-pink beaded hair comb.


My outfits have been very denim-oriented lately.  Hmm, tomorrow it might be about time for a skirt or a dress.


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