Common elements in my wardrobe

Quite some time ago, I was thinking about how I could define my style, and I hit a brick wall. My clothing is quite eclectic, and I tend not to stick to a single style or trend. However, I did notice that there are several common elements that run throughout my wardrobe. Here is a list of some of the common threads that run throughout my outfits.



Long blonde hair: ever since I was old enough to choose my own hairstyle, I have had long hair. I cut it short once, but that was more due to an overenthusiastic hairdresser than by choice. I like the way that I look with long hair. It is more feminine and I find that long hair is very versatile. As for the colour, I have often toyed with dyeing my hair, but I really do love being a blonde, and so I never stray far from that. So many of my friends spend hours and countless dollars trying to get the right shade of blonde, and I am lucky enough to have been blessed with that much-coveted shade naturally, so why would I change it? Whenever I feel the need for something a little different, I just slip on a wig.


Red: red is by far my favorite colour, and I love the way that a splash of crimson or scarlet can brighten any outfit. I love to wear a refined red lip and red shoes are by far the best way to add character and sex-appeal to any outfit.


Black and white stripes: I’m not sure if it’s my love of the Addams family or my fanatic obsession with Tim Burton that leads me to include so many black and white striped garments into my wardrobe. I have piles of socks, stockings, dresses, skirts, tops and jewellery that are all bedecked with black and white stripes. I love the way that they can transform and otherwise drab outfit into a kooky ensemble.


Butterflies: my name is actually Greek for “butterfly”and this may be the reason that I have so many butterfly-related garments. I regularly wear butterflies in my hair or printed onto tops and scarves. I have butterfly brooches and rings and I even have a top that billows out at the sleeves like a butterfly’s wings.


Vintage: I adore vintage shopping. I’ve been doing it since I was thirteen and developed a mild obsession with the styles of the 1960’s. Ever since this time, I have adored hunting through second-hand shops to come up with a bargain. I have a huge collection of vintage pieces, some of which have been purchased and some of which have been gifts. Amoung my favorite items are a billowy white dress that belonged to my mother (that makes me feel like Luxe Lisbon whenever I wear it), a purple pucci print tunic top, a pair of yellow 50’s heels and a blue and white 70’s halter neck sundress.


Rings: While I enjoy playing around with all different types of jewelery, I am quick to admit that rings are my favorite. They always add interest to your outfit, and because your hands are always on show, people notice them right away. I like to clash metals and stones for an eclectic, bohemian look, or just wear a single statement ring. I also have an amethyst ring that was a gift from Ross that I wear every single day.


Amazing shoes: people always seem to notice what shoes you are wearing. I love to shop for shoes and own well over forty pairs. They are a great way to cap off an outfit and add character and personality to the clothes that you are wearing. Best of all, shoes always fit, even if the shape of your body changes, you can rest assured that your favorite pair of shoes will always make you feel like a million bucks.


Pop culture references: I am a big one for letting my clothes convey a message about who I am and what I love. That’s why I like to wear an item that gives a sly nod to somebody with the same interests. Some of my favorite items include my Empire Records tee, my Morticia Addams tee, my pac-man necklace, my “cock in a frock” tank top and my London bus bag (a little tribute to Vince Noir).


Nail art: As your hands are always visible, I believe that it is well worthwhile taking the time to keep them looking well groomed. I make sure that I give myself regular manicures, wear sunscreen on my hands everyday and rub hand lotion in before I go to sleep. I also love to draw attention to my digits by painting them an amazing colour, adding decals, glitter, foil or sequins or hand-painting a cute design.


Interesting legwear: I don’t really feel comfortable wearing bare legs under a miniskirt, so I have cultivated a large range of tights and leggings to combat this problem. I find that legwear is also a great way to extend the life of your summer dresses and skirts, by allowing you to comfortably wear them into the colder months.


So there you have it, come of the common elements in my wardrobe. This is just a short list of course. What are some of the common elements that exist in your wardrobe? I would be really interested to hear what you guys come up with.

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