Daily outfit 28/2/2010

I hope that everyone has had a very brilliant weekend.  I am typing this before I slip into bed to watch Kung Fu Panda.  I have given myself a manicure and a facial and my hair is pinned up in pin curls because…tomorrow I go back to school.  I am less than thrilled to go back to classes and assignments, but at the same time, I have loads of interesting subjects this year that I am looking forward to diving into.

On Friday, Ross and I took the day off and slobbed on the couch.  We spent copious amounts of time napping, eating chips and watching South Park and Blades of Glory.

I am wearing:

– red and white polka dot blouse from Free Fusion

– Dark blue Garfunkle jeans

– Black corset belt

– Brown and gold vintage heels (thrifted)

– Brown and cream houndstooth swing coat (thrifted)

– Red Chanel handbag

– Navy and white nautical scarf

– Cherry brooch from Aldo

– Amethyst ring.

I had a great day today hanging out with Ross, going shopping and playing with the cat.  I’m so not ready to go back to school!


P.S: I want to say “Happy Anniversary” to Ross.  I love you.

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