Daily outfit 20/2/2010

Howdy everyone!  I have been so slack with the daily outfit photos of late.  I have been taking them, but I’ve been really busy so the photos haven’t actually been making it onto my computer.  Here’s what I’ve been wearing this week.

Today I needed a little burst of colour, and this sari was just the ticket.

I am wearing:

– Blue mesh top (thrifted)

– Silver and teal sari from a random Indian store

– Amber bangle

-gold bangle

– amythest ring

– topaz ring

– yin yan ring

– sparkly ring

– teal beaded flats from Target.



To have morning tea with my mum and my nana, I wore:

-blue wave headscarf (thrifted)

– Buddha tank top (reads “For good luck, rub my tummy”

– butterfly jeans from Target

– Leather wedge platforms from Zu

– Green beaded necklace from Chapel Street Bazaar.

– blue sunglasses from Factorie.


To travel back to Melbourne I wore:

– Empire Records tee from Pulp kitchen

– Polka dot mini skirt from Today

– Turquoise tights from Cotton On.

– Jolly Roger ballet flats from Shoe Bizarre

– Long silver chain necklace

– Amethyst ring

– Black and white pop art ring.

– Alvin Watch.

And yesterday, I donned this cool and breezy number for a busy day of organizing:

– Butterfly-wing top from KMart

– Red stitch jeans from Sportsgirl

– Diana Ferrari platform shoes

– leather butterfly chignon pin

– Dreamcatcher earrings

– silver rings

– bell bracelet, which belonged to my Aunty Jenny in her teen years.

It’s been a busy couple of days, and I promise that the daily outfit posts will be coming thick and fast from now on.

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